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Posted: November 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

 The changing nature of ‘connectivity’ within and between communities

 Natasha Macnab, Gary Thomas and Ian Grosvenor

  1. Izzy Mohammed says:

    From the Executive Summary ( P.2 )

    “Community cohesion initiatives appear in many cases to have been successful, but further research is needed on the conditions that enable communities to develop cross-cutting forms of connectedness rather than strong, internal bonds.”


    My thoughts are that community cohesion initiatives have, generally, been very helpful and constructive in attending to issues in a more targeted way ( there have been a number of great projects under the PREVENT Strategy in Birmingham ). But the vast majority of initiatives tend to be project-based, whereas such cohesion work, to be truly meaningful, would often require years of engagement, potentially through successive generations…

    I, too, am very interested in how we can build towards broad cross-community awareness, acceptance [ tolerance ] and participation. It isn’t easy. It get’s harder to achieve each as we move along the list – the ‘awareness’, the ‘acceptance’, and the cross-community ‘participation’…

    – Awareness; the dissimenation or sharing of knowledge of different communities…
    – Acceptance; the validation of one community by another, based upon knowledge…
    – Participation; how much particpation might we observe across communities?! Could we encourage greater particpation?! Should we?! If we wanted to, how might we [ and sustainably ]?!

    To enable communities to develop greater interconnectedness requires initiating processes that, over time, perhaps help to establish and shape mutual interest and benefit – their needs to be a purpose and reason for communities to take the time out to be connected to one another.

    If particular communities do not naturally feel compelled to establish bonds outside their own communities, how might they be encouraged and developed to do so?! [ If it were deemed the appropriate course of action ]…

    It takes reosurces. It likely takes outside encouragement too…

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