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The changing nature of ‘connectivity’ within and between communities

Aims and objectives

Our aims are to:

  • Understand the kinds of connections that may occur in communities, how these are changing and how these changes are happening in social and historical contexts
  • Inform and stimulate discussion about connectedness in communities in a way that will be of value to researchers doing work for the Programme.
  • Discover evidence about how connections within communities are changing and how this is impacting on quality of life.
  • Examine evidence about community-based interventions and the role of connectivity within these.
  • Begin to provide an articulation between research expertise and communities themselves.
  1. Izzy Mohammed says:

    Taken from the 5th point of the ‘Aims and Objectives’;

    “Examine evidence about community-based interventions and the role of connectivity within these.”


    From the position of a practitioner, there are a number of related questions and issues I’ve always taken a interest in – these are;

    1. Who makes these interventions or should be making these interventions?

    2. On what basis, rationale or thinking is that or could that intervention be made? In other words, what might be the reasons for intervening?

    3. Can we identify authorities, agencies or organisations in which the responsibility of intervention can either be vested; where we can see a role for these where such responibilities can better integrated, developed and articulated? Are there bodies or agencies, it might be argued, whose duty it might be to intervene?

    4. What are the aims and objectives of that intervention?

    5. How effective has intervention been? How can success be meassured? [ Indeed, is it measurable using more traditional methods of evaluation, particularly when meaningfully social change likely occurs over many years, perhaps over generations ]…

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